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Welcome to Neatzy, a company located in Saskatoon, SK Canada that is dedicated to optimizing your time, simplifying your day-to-day activities and mainly reducing your emotional and mental load in terms of your daily organizational chores. Whether you need to organize your own space, be it your home or your office, moving in or out, helping a loved one or a friend organizing their lives or spaces, our team of experienced professionals will be with you on this journey every step of the way, guiding and accompanying you throughout the entire process. Our work is always coordinated and managed with wisdom, empathy and kindness.
We promise you 100% confidentiality and 0% judgment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be emotionally connected with you. Without any judgments we will handle your belongings with great respect, individuality and confidentiality, while taking care and organizing your spaces with professionalism and discretion. It will be up to you to choose the methods that best suit your personal or professional needs, and we will follow your lead.

Our Values

We strive to go above and beyond for our clients no matter the challenge. We aim to deliver our very best work every single day across our services.

Sandra Penteado

Neatzy CEO, Certified Professional Organizer

Sandra has always had a passion for organizing and helping people. She is a lawyer who was born in Brazil, and moved to Canada in 2018.
As a Human Rights lawyer in Brazil, Sandra worked for various companies and governing bodies. These included the State of Sao Paulo’s Human Rights Commission. 
Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) she was unable to practice law in Canada, so she started working in other areas, always striving to make other people’s lives easier and better.
With her independent and entrepreneurial spirit, she believed she could do more and therefore became a professional organizer.
For Sandra, this career offers a variety of opportunities including creativity, personal fulfillment and flexibility. Each day is unique, and she finds working as a problem solver is incredibly rewarding and fun!
Clients describe Sandra as reliable, positive, hardworking, motivating and professional.


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When I hired Sandra's services, I had no idea that by organizing my home and office, she would also organize my head… I've never imagined that the impact on me would be so great! Thank you for providing fluidity in my life, dear Sandra!

Moira Benetti Sao Paulo, SP Brazil

"Sandra hasn’t only transformed my space, she went above and beyond my expectations! Sandra did a fantastic job helping me decluttering and organizing my entire house. She is a very skilled professional and her work at my place was impeccable and mind-blowing!"

Catherine Heather Saskatoon, SK Canada

“Excellent professional! Work with seriousness, dedication and commitment. I hired Sandra to organize my apartment and honestly I was surprised with the result!!! It turned out wonderful!!! I want her forever in my life!!! It fully met my expectations. It was worth it!“

Lidia Giulietto Guarulhos, SP Brazil

“I was feeling overwhelmed after moving into my new house, so I hired Sandra as my personal organizer. She was professional, friendly, and listened carefully to my needs. Sandra helped me declutter and organize every room, and gave me tips for keeping things organized. I highly recommend her services!“

John L. Saskatoon, SK Canada

We are what we organize.


Sandra Penteado

Neatzy CEO and Professional Organizer

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