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We are the one stop shop for all your organizational needs. Ranging from Residential and Commercial organizing services to Professional Organizing Courses online, Neatzy offers customized solutions for your space, optimizing your time, increasing your productivity, and reducing your day-to-day emotional and mental load.

Our Services

Residential Organizing

Complete home organization, or specific spaces/rooms in your home such as kitchen & pantry, closet, seasonal switch-out, craft room, laundry, basement, home-office, garage, move-in organizing, downsizing & organizing seniors, and more...

Commercial Organizing

From offices to retail stores we organize them all, including warehouses, storage units, shelves & products displays, commercial moving-in & moving-out, and more... Don't worry about a thing. We've got you covered.

Home & Office Cleaning

If you need your space cleaned before getting it organized, we can bring along our cleaning company partner to get the job done. Don't worry, we will book the cleaning for you, and ensure it is done properly!

Online Certified Courses

Neatzy offers Professional Organizer Certificate Courses Online. In these courses you will learn important principles and practical step-by-step techniques for organizing and getting started in a career as a professional organizer.


Read what our clients have to say about us. Please share your thoughts with us by leaving a review on our social media pages.

When I hired Sandra's services, I had no idea that by organizing my home and office, she would also organize my head… I've never imagined that the impact on me would be so great! Thank you for providing fluidity in my life, dear Sandra!

Moira Benetti Sao Paulo, SP Brazil

"Sandra hasn’t only transformed my space, she went above and beyond my expectations! Sandra did a fantastic job helping me decluttering and organizing my entire house. She is a very skilled professional and her work at my place was impeccable and mind-blowing!"

Catherine Heather Saskatoon, SK Canada

“Excellent professional! Work with seriousness, dedication and commitment. I hired Sandra to organize my apartment and honestly I was surprised with the result!!! It turned out wonderful!!! I want her forever in my life!!! It fully met my expectations. It was worth it!“

Lidia Giulietto Guarulhos, SP Brazil

“I was feeling overwhelmed after moving into my new house, so I hired Sandra as my personal organizer. She was professional, friendly, and listened carefully to my needs. Sandra helped me declutter and organize every room, and gave me tips for keeping things organized. I highly recommend her services!“

John L. Souza Saskatoon, SK Canada


Meet Sandra Penteado

CEO, Certified Professional Organizer

Sandra has always had a passion for organizing and helping people. She is a lawyer who was born in Brazil, and moved to Canada in 2018.
As a Human Rights lawyer in Brazil, Sandra worked for various companies and governing bodies. These included the State of Sao Paulo’s Human Rights Commission. 
Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) she was unable to practice law in Canada, so she started working in other areas, always striving to make other people’s lives easier and better.
With her independent and entrepreneurial spirit, she believed she could do more and therefore became a professional organizer.
For Sandra, this career offers a variety of opportunities including creativity, personal fulfillment and flexibility. Each day is unique, and she finds working as a problem solver is incredibly rewarding and fun!
Clients describe Sandra as reliable, positive, hardworking, motivating and professional.
Considering a career as a Professional Organizer?
Neatzy offers Professional Organizer Certificate Courses with Sandra Penteado
Become a Professional Organizer!
Professional Organizing is a rapidly growing industry and many people choose to hire a Professional Organizer for a variety of reasons. Organizing services are in high demand for clients in homes and businesses as they strive to improve efficiency, optimize operations, and gain control over their work-life balance.
“This career offers a variety of opportunities with flexibility, creativity, and personal fulfillment. Each day is unique, and working as a problem-solver can be incredibly rewarding and fun!” – says Sandra Penteado, Neatzy CEO and Professional Organizer.
Neatzy offers Professional Organizer Certificate Courses teaching you important principles and practical step-by-step techniques for organizing and getting started in a career as a professional organizer.

"When you are organizing your home or your business, you are organizing your life."

Frequently Asked Questions

This is the walkabout. We come to your home and spend some time looking at each of the areas where you would like some help. We discuss areas of concern and begin to understand how you would like the space to be used. With your permission, we will take pictures to be used for reference purposes only.

This consult will last approximately one hour.

Are you so embarrassed about your clutter that you avoid hiring a Professional Organizer for fear of being judged? Though your feelings are valid, when you stop to consider them, they may not always be rational. Ponder the following questions:

Would you avoid going to the Dentist because you think you have a cavity?

Would you avoid getting your hair coloured because of embarrassment over your roots?

Would a soot problem cause you not to hire a chimney sweep?

Of course, it wouldn’t! So why would you let embarrassment about your clutter stop you from hiring a Professional Organizer?

We specialize in helping people just like you. Our role is to help you move forward with dignity, not to judge or scold.


Consulting – This option will appeal to those who’d rather do the work themselves, but could benefit from some advice. We perform an assessment, then provide tips on how to get started, what to keep in mind when you’re putting the space back together, and recommend products to help facilitate the transition from chaos to calm.

Shopping – If time just isn’t on your side, we will pick up any items needed to move forward with the organizing project. There is no mark-up on the products purchased; retail amounts to be reimbursed will be included on your next invoice. An hourly fee is charged for the time spent shopping.

Cleaning – We also offer cleaning services, if you need to get your space cleaned before organizing it…

We can help you improve Your Mental and Emotional Health: become empowered and get back in control of your environment, enjoy peace of mind, reduce frustration, reduce stress and anxiety, eliminate embarrassment and show off your space with pride. You will find that your physical health will be maintained: remove the fire hazards created by clutter, reduce risk of injury from tripping over piles of random stuff. Enhance the Appeal of Your Property: improve your home’s aesthetic appearance, enhance the comfort of your home, increase perceived value of your property. Save Time: locate belongings faster, complete chores in less time. Save Money: avoid having to buy duplicates because you can’t find things, get it done right the first time and avoid the expense of “trial and error”. Gain Space: find space you didn’t know you had, store more of what matters. Reduce Your Workload: complete your chores with less effort, make cleaning easier.

Once you sort through all your stuff, you’ll likely discover you’ve got more than you need. We remove small quantities of your belongings for an additional fee. For bigger jobs, a third party can be hired.

Once you are organized, it’s relatively easy to maintain your results. All you have to do is use the same tools and techniques that you used to get organized in the first place.

Here are eight tips for staying organized:

  1. Go Public. The best leverage is social leverage. Tell everyone you know that you’ve conquered your clutter once and for all. The respect and admiration that you receive will motivate you to maintain the status quo.

2. Add Organizing to Your Cleanup Routine. When you do your weekly cleaning, take time to put things back in their place and to get rid of unwanted items.

3. Recruit Your Family. Don’t try to do it alone. Make sure everyone knows what you are trying to accomplish and assign at least one ongoing maintenance task to each capable member.

4. Focus on Your Trouble Spots. Identify the biggest source of clutter in your home. Target this problem area during your regular organizing and decluttering sessions.

5. Put Things Back in Their Place Immediately After Use. This will make staying organized a cynch!

6. Adopt a One in, One Out Policy. If you buy a new item, then discard, sell, or donate an equivalent item.

7. Declutter Your Wardrobe After Every Season. Clothing, footware and accessories are among the biggest sources of household clutter. Every time the season changes, go through everything and get rid of belongings that are damaged, out of fashion, and that no longer fit.

8. Change or Upgrade Organizing Systems as Required. As your family grows and your lifestyle changes, update your organizing system to fit your evolving needs.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to maintain your organizing results for as long as you wish, without having to rely on an Organizer Pro. Best of all, you’ll continue to enjoy all the many benefits of being organized.

We return to your home for as many sessions as needed; just let us know what fits your schedule.

When it comes to home or business organization, every person’s requirements are different depending on the size of their home or business, how quickly they are able to discard stuff and how many items have built up over the years along with their decision-making ability.

Please go to our “Contact” webpage and send us a message requesting a FREE in-home (or in-office) consultation. We will be happy to book your consultation whenever you are available.

We offer residential and commercial organizing services in the city of Saskatoon and area, including Martinsville, Warman and other cities 50km (max.) from Saskatoon, SK Canada.

No, the professional organizer profession is NOT regulated, registered or controlled by any national or state/provincial association or organization.

Most trusted Professional Organizers have obtained their certificates after their course completion. At Neatzy, all our professional organizers have taken at least one organizing course. Neatzy also offers professional organizing courses online. To learn more, please visit our “Courses” webpage.

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